Heart Opening

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A gift package designed to bring opening to a human heart through meditation, ritual and surprise. A healing for trauma, grief, loss and sorrow.


This package is a series of rituals designed to guide you to access the full potential of your heart


Approximate ritual duration: This ritual contains 10 steps which take between 5 to 30 minutes each spread over a duration of two weeks.


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Heart Opening

The Wedeme, the elemental beings of the wild, show that, at times, humans close off their own hearts as a deliberate act to protect it from further pain.  “Sometimes,” they say, “a human may decide it is safer to go it alone and bury their hearts under lock and key.”

Personal trauma, loss or grief could be the cause, but collective pain and existential crisis like the current condition of the environment, leaves many hopeless and despairing. While this is an understandable trauma response, there are risks to having a shielded heart. We must eventually take an active role in opening it back up again. If you are ready to reopen your heart or want to help someone else open theirs, this is the gift package for you.

The wedeme inform us that when our hearts are closed, we are no longer accessible to them, the elemental beings, and we remove ourselves from the “alive grid” of the natural world.

Why does this matter?  Think of a wild place. When wild places are cordoned off, the wild beings can no longer access them. They run into fences and gates and lose the flow of being able to roam freely. These fenced off spaces become inaccessible to the vibrancy of untethered life, and Gaia, our mother planet, loses her own internal connectedness.

The energy of the planet also moves through the aliveness of our heart spaces like an electric grid as well.  Closing our hearts is like turning our back on the Earth, flipping the circuit breaker and creating dark spaces or dead zones on the Earth that can’t be accessed by her power and energetic flow . Reopening our hearts helps Gaia and also returns us to all that she has to offer, to her life force which is essentially ours as well. We must make the active decision to come back online.  It can re-enliven our connection to Earth, and to source energy and keep the flow of the lifesource of the planet healthy.

The healing and rituals contained in this gift package address the challenges and the discomfort. There are invitations to reconnect to the elements, the elemental beings, the light codes and the rooted network of the trees enclosed in this package.  By saying yes to this healing, you are agreeing to reawaken your connection to your elemental guides and to the deep root system of the Earth. You are remembering your own connection to the World Tree which has access to all the dimensional realms. You are saying yes to yourself once again.

This ritual gift package was given to us in divination with the wedeme. It is one of the healings they see most necessary for humans at this time on the planet. They care about our hearts deeply and wish for us to be able to open them once again.

There are many steps to this gift package. Each step of  ritual description is printed separately and numbered for you to move through it with most ease.

2 reviews for Heart Opening

  1. Annie Dintino

    Before I did this program I thought I fully understood where my heart was blocked. But in doing the work, I was shown that I was blocked in ways I never realized. The sweetness and persistence of this program helped me remove blocks and let more light into my inner being. In doing that, I recognized new and powerful callings. I was able to trust and follow universal wisdom more authentically. I feel like I am finally on the right path and wide open to receiving it.

  2. Lee RUBINSTEIN (verified owner)

    As a catalyst for a deeply personal journey, this program of guided rituals is simple and efficacious, peppered with lovely surprises and familiar resonances that give heart-based reassurances that the spiritual beings and natural processes called upon are indeed present, engaged and supportive. I preceded this Heart Opening experience with the Heart Healing and found that for me both elements of the paired series of experiences were enjoyable and productive practices. Thank you!

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