Incense Burning Charcoal


Swift Lite Charcoal

I pack contains 10 charcoal briquettes

For burning resins and other incense products.

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About Using the Charcoal Burners

The charcoal burners, which are also for sale here, are to be used with a fireproof bowl or plate. You can fill your burner half full of some ash, sand or small rocks to help absorb some of the heat, otherwise you will need a potholder. It will get very hot.

Light the briquette on the bottom with a match or lighter. When it begins to spark, set it into the fire or heatproof bowl or plate. Allow it to heat up until the entire charcoal is turned white. Only then is it ready to have the resin put onto it. If you do it too early, it will burn your resin. Once placed on the ready charcoal, the resins will release an aromatic smoke that is both medicinal and feeds the spirits in the other dimensions. If you have shrines, be sure to offer some of the smoke to them. Be mindful of smoke alarms.

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