Inner Journey Board


The Inner Journey Board is a new divination system that the Wedeme taught us. The Inner Journey Board is not stick divination, which is the standard Wedeme tradition. It is a board used with special healing waters and shell divination that focuses on the nine dimensions/seven chakras.

To learn more about the nine dimensions and seven chakras, click here.

The Inner Journey Board can be used to heal either humans or environments. Many of the problems in humans actually arise from the memory of unresolved trauma in the land that has attached itself to the human. This can apply to land you live on, land you own, or wild land that you care about. The Inner Journey Board can be used remotely as well to heal land in a far away location.

When you order this divination, please indicate if this is for a person or a place.

Theresa and Sarah offer this form of Divination. Choose one at checkout.


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Theresa-in person $200, Sarah-in person $200, Theresa-remote $200, Sarah-remote $200


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