Lilith Sensual Strength Body Spray


Invoke the power of the Goddess Lilith to claim your unapologetic self and open to the sensual world around you.

This product is a spray that can be applied to your skin or used to evoke Lilith’s power into a place, room, ritual or experience.

Ing: palo santo, sandalwood, pink peppercorn & lime EO, propolis in bourbon, witch hazel, rose water, vg glycerin. 

2 oz


“Sexuality is power. Spirituality is sexual. Power is spiritual. Sexuality is spiritual power. When we open our bodies to receive Her, our hips widening to Her entering us, Her energy surging in waves through us, we are having a sexual, spiritual, and powerful experience all at the same time. Separating these three—sex, spirituality, power—leads to the disaster we are currently living.

True mystical experience is orgasmic. True orgasm is mystical. The ultimate experience of the two is the same. There is no difference in the outcome. Differentiation lies only in the way used toward access.

What is sexuality? Our sexuality has nothing to do with another person, another person’s body, another person’s desires. We can have a shared sexual experience with another person, but it is not necessary for another person to be present in order for us to experience our sexuality.

Our sexuality is just that: ours. It is our own. Our sexuality is the way in which we experience our environment—the heightened sense of awareness that stems from opening to the sensual experience. We have been given so many ways to experience the sensual world around us, our senses each possessing their own unique signature. To smell, to feel, to taste, to touch, to see—so many ways to consume beauty.

Through a sexual encounter with another we may express and share the energy moving around, through, and between us. These feelings we name “love,” “passion,” “lust.” The same energetic encounter is described with deities/entities of every spiritual tradition.

The term applied then is “divine love,” but it is merely a different term used to describe the same energy—the energy that permeates the universe always, which we are able to tap into and channel through our physical bodies.

Our sexuality is sacred because it channels cosmic energy through our bodies. Spirituality and creativity do the same thing. Our sexuality is a personal possession which, when shared, becomes a gift.”

~Welcoming Lilith, by Theresa C. Dintino

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