Oscan Oracle Printable Card Deck


This is a free downloadable and printable PDF with the twenty-one letters or cards of the Oscan Oracle Deck. Designed to be cut out and applied to the backing of your choice, cardboard or paperboard (have fun and get creative), to use as a divination deck to accompany the print or ebook versions of The Oscan Oracle: From the Ancient Janarra of the Moon by Theresa C. Dintino and Rauri Tor


Please note: the PDF version of the book available here on Ritual Goddess includes the downloadable letters.

We are currently at work designing a printed deck that will be available by the end of 2024.

The Oscan Oracle Letters

Each symbol or letter you see in the following pages correlates with a healing that will include a ritual, a deep dive into the background of the healing, and a deeper dive into the spiritual concepts driving that healing. You can approach the use of these letters in the way that best suits you. Some will choose to read through the rituals and engage with the ones that call to them. Some will choose to place the symbols on stones to draw from, or simply cut the symbols out to draw from. However you choose to approach it, the correct healing will find you when it is needed.


What is The Oscan Oracle?

The Oscan Oracle is many things. It is the story of recovering a spiritual lineage from Italy that was lost in the great migrations of the early 20th century. It is also a reference guide meant to accompany a divination system, akin to a tarot deck or ancient rune stones. It is Oscan because we, Theresa and Rauri, discovered that our ancestors were Oscan-speaking peoples.

This oracle is made up of the letters of the Oscan alphabet. Ancient alphabets carry power. The language was actively spoken in regions of what is now Italy, in pre-Roman times, from 600 BCE–1 CE. The Oscan people were not the only people to speak Oscan; it was the language of many ancient peoples. Among them were the Oscan-speaking Samnites—our Oscan ancient ancestors from the pre-Roman era.

Who are we?

Theresa (b. 1962) and Rauri (b. 1991) are an aunt- niece duo who share a spiritual lineage from Italy. Theresa’s great-grandmother and Rauri’s great-great- grandmother, Domenica Colella, was a Strega in the small village of Torre de’ Passeri in the Abruzzo region of Italy. A Strega is an Italian witch and wise woman. The tradition of the Strega is typically passed down through family members, generation after generation. This is called a spiritual lineage. Domenica was also a midwife and herbalist. In 1899, when she was 43 years old, she immigrated to the United States; more specifically, to a small town in New Hampshire.

The Strega tradition has its roots in an earlier pre- Roman group of shamanic practitioners called the Janarra (pronounced Yanarra). Undoubtedly, many of our ancient Janarra ancestors spoke Oscan.

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