Spirit of the Gray Wolf Bracelet with Genuine Pyrite, Citrine and Hematite Stones and Gray, Glass Seed Beads for your Personal Power Activation


This bracelet affirms and strengthens your connection and commitment to wolf. Wearing this bracelet supports wolf as well as you.

This bracelet has been charged up on the wolf shrine for four consecutive days.

What is Medicine Jewelry?

Medicine Jewelry is the term used for items of adornment that have certain properties that can assist and support us in our spiritual work. Metals like copper and silver, as well as certain stones, are very receptive and conductive. The spirits can use the conductivity to communicate with us or store information that will be available to us when needed.

Medicine Jewelry is also very protective. The entity called into the jewelry: tree, moon, wedeme, animal spirit, copper, will use the energy of the piece to guard and protect us.

Strega Tree Diviners tend to and work with very potent shrines dedicated to specific entities. It is through their longstanding and devotional relationships to these entities that they are able to activate these bracelets.

Medicine Jewelry likes to be “fed” in exchange for the work it provides for us. Offer it a bit of clear spirits like vodka now and then to reactivate and enliven it.

If wolf is your ally, you are a very lucky person. You will not find a more loyal guide and protector. All of the attributes we find in our canine companions—dogs—can be found in wolf, and more too. Wolf could be considered to be “archetypal dog.” As a spirit guide it is extra fierce. Woe to the person who tries to harm a person with a wolf ally.

Wolves protect, nurture and care for their own. If you are part of their pack, you are under their care. Call in wolf to guard perimeters, your own and ecosystems near you.

Wolf is friend to raven who follow along and share their food supply. Once wolves and humans were good friends but this friendship fell apart when humans lost their wildness and began to project it onto wolves in a fearful way.

Now in many ways, wolf needs our protection.

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Wolves are wild and honoring the wildness in yourself is part of wolf medicine. Many animals refused the option of domestication. How has domestication affected you? When was the last time you were out in the wild or letting yourself express your wildness? We need wildness. It creates surprise and uncertainty which creates potentiality. Life itself needs the wild.

There is no question about wolf’s acute senses, meaning the sixth as well.

Citrine transmutes negative energy and activates the 3rd chakra increasing your personal power.

Hematite for focus and balance, “cooling,” and mental attunement.

Pyrite creates a shield and offers protection from pollutants both physical and energetic.*(healing attributes of Stones from Love is in the Earth by Melanie)


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