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In stick divination the diviner works with the elemental beings who are known in the Dagara tradition as Wedeme. When one is initiated as a stick diviner in the Dagara tradition, she is given a kit with “pieces” (objects such as stones, small branches and shells) in it to use when she divines.

These pieces not only represent but are, in fact, living entities and energies. A particular stone is Earth, another Mountain, an abalone shell is Water. Certain pieces are selected by the diviner’s stick for the divination at hand. These are the beings that are speaking to the person who is receiving the divination.

With the help of the stick, the pieces, and the Wedeme, we work together to answer your questions and provide solutions.  This process can take an hour or more. This divination can be done in person or remotely.

Sarah, TheresaVivien, Roya, Annie, Amy and Eleni are your choice of diviners. Choose Sarah or Theresa at checkout. To Book with Annie go here. To Book with Roya go here. To Book with Vivien go here. To book with Amy go here. To book with Eleni go here.

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Sarah-in person $200, Sarah-remote $200, Theresa-in person $300, Theresa-remote $300, Vivien-in person $125, Vivien-remote $175, Roya- in person $150, Roya-remote $150, Roya-in your home $250, Annie in person and remote $120, Amy in person and remote $150

2 reviews for Stick Divination

  1. cdintino

    I have experienced stick divination by Theresa and Annie. The experiences were transformational. I felt safe, transported and the results of all the divinations have opened my perspective, let go of regrets and start processes of healing myself and finding wholeness. i highly recommend this.

  2. lauradintino4

    Need help finding your way? Need guidance and courage to move forward in life? Stick divinations are so enlightening and empowering. We are not alone — Wedeme and ancestors are by your side to guide you and give you strength. I highly recommend this amazing experience.

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