The Amazon Pattern: A Message from Ancient Women Diviners of Trees and Time – Tree Medicine Trilogy, Part 1, by Theresa C. Dintino


Print book: 190 pages

Learn about the history and art of divination, Theresa’s personal journey toward becoming a diviner, the elemental beings, the cosmology of the World Tree and concept of Time as a sentient Alive being.


What is an Amazon Woman? Mythical or actual, what were these fierce women fighting for? Perhaps there is more to their story than we have been told.

In a forest in Northern California, Dintino encounters a Tree that tells her she does not like her pattern.  Surprised and intrigued by this statement, Dintino asks the tree what pattern it does like.

“What happened to the Amazon Pattern?” the Tree responds. “I want the Amazon Pattern.”

This mysterious meeting propels Dintino onto the journey described in her book. With curiosity and wonder leading her, Dintino uncovers a thread of messages that ancient Amazon Women hid, discovers a lost tradition of priestess-diviners, and begins to understand and restore this mystical cosmology of Trees and Time called The Amazon Pattern.

Discover this ancient pattern that has been stored away in time and find out what it has to offer today’s world.

Theresa-dintino-divinerTheresa C. Dintino is an ancestral Strega (Italian wise woman), Earth worker, and initiated diviner in the West African Dagara tradition. For more than 20 years Theresa has studied and practiced an Earth-based spirituality. She currently helps others reclaim their personal lineages through her divination work. This book is Part 1 of her Tree Medicine Trilogy which also includes,  Notes from a Diviner in the Postmodern World: A handbook for Spirit Workers and Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones.

Theresa is also the author of The Strega and the Dreamer, a work of historical fiction based on the true story of her great grandparents, Ode to Minoa and Stories They Told Me, two novels exploring the life of a snake priestess in Bronze Age Crete and Welcoming Lilith: Awakening and Welcoming Pure Female Power. For more on Theresa or her work, visit and



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