The Finding Divination for Birth and Death


Finding Divinations are carried out as inquiry for an anticipated birth to determine soul purpose or upon death to help a loved one cross with more ease. These are stick divinations carried out at these two important transitional phases of life’s beginning and life’s end.

For a Birth Divination, a pregnant woman, together with her family and/or community, sits with a diviner for the naming ritual of her unborn child. The given name reflects what comes through as their life intent and purpose in the finding divination.

The Death Divination is for when a loved one passes. There may be unfinished business that needs cleaning up to help them with their transition into the afterlife. A stick divination is carried out to address these issues for them. A family member or members offer to come and hold the stick in proxy for the deceased person. They agree to do any outstanding work on behalf of their loved one who has passed.

Options for Diviners are Eleni, Amy, Annie, Sarah, Vivien, Theresa Choose Theresa or Sarah on this page. To book with Annie go here. To book with Vivien go here. To book with Amy go here. To book with Eleni go here.

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Sarah-in person $200, Sarah-remote $200, Vivien-in person $125, Vivien-remote $175, Theresa-in person $300, Theresa-remote $300, Amy in person or remote $150, Annie in person or remote $120


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