The Heart Healing For When the Heart is Broken Visualization and Balm

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The Heart Healing for when the Heart is Broken is a ritual which includes a blend for your heart and a guided visualization delivered to you via audiofile download.

Download Instructions

Once you have completed payment, look for an email from info at with the link for the download in it (remember to check spam or junk folders), or you may return to this page after successful payment or follow the “return to merchant” link on the payment page. Save the file to your device. It is a 70MB zip file and will show up wherever you direct downloads to. Open the file. It will play through the audio player on your device. You will be able to download the file twice. But it will remain where you have saved it if you want to return to the journey again and again. **Remember to wait until you have received the package in the mail with the ritual instructions and the heart blend before listening to the audiofile.

The original pattern of the human heart is one of wholeness. This healing returns the heart to its original pattern and offers it the protection it needs.

A broken heart creates a space or crack in the heart which can be vulnerable to unwanted energies. Strega Tree Apothecary’s Heart Healing Blend seals the cracks that have allowed for your heart to be unguarded and susceptible to negativity and further wounding. This healing returns its guardians to the heart after it is mended

The Wedeme are the elemental beings that are the keepers of the wild. They function like spirit guides, showing us how we can be in touch with our true selves. The Wedeme have asked Strega Tree Apothecary to introduce you to them. They want you to know that they are here to help guide you through healing the trauma in your heart.

This Heart Healing Blend is a gift from them to you.

There are many ways the heart can be broken. You may be carrying aches for the planet, loss of a loved one or dreams that didn’t come true.

Wedeme remind us that our hearts are precious and need tending. We must all actively tend to our own hearts.

*part of this prescription includes an audio file for you to download. You must have access to a computer or another device to fully acquire this product.

When you purchase this product you will receive an audio download as well as a package in the mail. Wait until you have received the package to carry out the ritual. You will receive instructions with the audio file and in the package. Many Blessings on your beautiful heart.

If you choose to buy this as a gift for someone else, we suggest you let us know in the order notes box on the checkout page and include the address for the recipient there. Let your own name and address be on the shipping an billing and then we will send the roll on blend, instructions and information on how to access the download in a gift box directly to your recipient. You can also give us a small message to write as well.

Sealant ingredients: VG glycerine, rose water, organic chalk


Approximate ritual duration: 75 minutes


About Guided Visualizations:

This metaphysical healing for a broken heart is a guided visualization you will be led through. You will need at least an hour to carry out this healing.

A guided visualization is a time out of ordinary time to drop into a trance like state and be led on a journey that is therapeutic and restorative. Guided visualizations allow you to access delta wave lengths where you can heal the subtle body. These are often also called “shamanic journeys” or “traveling.”

You will listen and be led into another dimension to go and restore your heart. The voice will lead you but it is your own personal psyche’s imagery that will participate in its own way. Though the recording is the same for everyone, what you bring to it through what lives in your subconscious mind will make the treatment unique for you.

As you relax, listen and follow the voice to where you are led, you will access parts of yourself that have been waiting for you.




1 review for The Heart Healing For When the Heart is Broken Visualization and Balm

  1. Amy Tanzman Palmer

    I absolutely LOVED this guided meditation/ritual! It was a beautiful journey. I realized I still had some healing to do around a past relationship. It was coming up in dreams often. After completing this ritual, I felt much lighter and the dreams stopped. It feels as though a crack in my heart space was truly healed.

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