The Strega and the Dreamer – A Novel, by Theresa C. Dintino

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I wanted to understand what it meant and how it felt to be a Strega, to imagine my great-grandmother’s life, a woman I had only heard tell of with the greatest respect. I wrote this novel to find out and connect with her and my whole world opened up.

~Theresa C. Dintino


The Strega and the Dreamer is the story of a man who is willing to sacrifice everything for a dream, and a passionate woman questioning the confining roles allowed to 19th century women.

Eva is an Italian Strega, a midwife and healer, fully committed to her small hilltop village. Marcello is a man with a dream of America—a dream that Eva does not share. Famine comes to the Abruzzi. Marcello goes to America, leaving his family behind as he searches for a more prosperous life. During their six-year separation, Eva dedicates herself to her Strega duties and the people of the village. Though it is taboo for a woman to do so, with the help of a doctor from the city she secretly learns of modern medicine. When Marcello finally calls for her, Eva has a decision to make. She must choose between staying in her beloved Abruzzi where she has her family and her Strega calling, or moving to America, where midwifery is considered barbaric and is being systematically eliminated.

1Theresa C. Dintino is an ancestral Strega (Italian wise woman), Earth worker, and initiated diviner in the West African Dagara tradition. For more than 20 years Theresa has studied and practiced an Earth-based spirituality. She currently helps others reclaim their personal lineages through her divination work.

Theresa teaches classes and mentors people in becoming diviners and spiritual stewards of the Earth. She has written a Tree Medicine Trilogy to guide others on their own spiritual paths, which includes: The Amazon Pattern: A Message from Ancient Women Diviners of Trees and Time, Notes from a Diviner in the Postmodern World: A Handbook for Spirit Workers, and Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones.

Theresa is also the author of: Ode to Minoa and Stories They Told Me, two novels exploring the life of a snake priestess in Bronze Age Crete and Welcoming Lilith: Awakening and Welcoming Pure Female Power. For more on Theresa or her work, visit and


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2 reviews for The Strega and the Dreamer – A Novel, by Theresa C. Dintino

  1. mia.szarvas

    This is one of the greatest novels I have ever read. It is a page turner with countless layers of depth. It is a woman’s story, an immigrant’s story, a love story. It is the story of America, of sacrifice, bravery, and insurmountable obstacles that nevertheless must be overcome. Once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down. And you will be glad you picked it up 🙂

  2. cdintino

    I couldn’t put this book down. It awed me and broke my heart. This is a very timely read given our current political situation with immigration.

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