Voice Divination


During voice divination the diviner works with the elemental beings of the water who are known in the Dagara tradition as Kontomble. They may appear in other cultures as water nymphs, water fairies, or merpeople, to name a few. The Kontomble are eager to help people and they have a festive spirit and love to celebrate.  The Kontomble are very direct and always emphasize the choice and agency we have as humans.

In voice divination, Kontomble uses the diviner’s voice to speak directly to the client. It is a conversation between the client and Kontomble. Traditionally, this style of divination can lasts 50 minutes, you may come alone or in a group.

Your options of diviners for voice divination are TheresaSarah, and Vivien. Book a voice divination with Sarah on this page. Book with Vivien here.


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Sarah-in person $125, Vivien-in person $125, Vivien-remote $175, Theresa in person $75


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