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Teachings of the Psychedelic Chameleon

If you want to walk more gently on the planet and learn how to transmit your experience through your heart using form, color and light rather than speak it in words, this is your blend.


Chameleon is a trans-permeable being and a friend to the Wedeme. Chameleon is master of the permeable membranes that separate the dimensional realms. Each dimension has a “skin” or membrane that is the lens one travels through to move between them. Chameleon is able to move through the dimensional portals by sinking into them and becoming one with them. Each dimension also has a color and a sound. Chameleon can call in those colors at will and move through a dimensional portal by pulsing its color back at it. There is no hiding from chameleon. To chameleon we are transparent.

Wedeme have learned from chameleon how to understand the colors of our experiences and how to help our hearts in this way. Our hearts have the potential to be this psychedelic presence, like the chameleon, giving us complete access to the all. This blend is designed to help us begin to learn how to transmit our experience rather than speak it in order to walk more gently on the planet and enter into a uniquely alternative kind of communication with each other and the world we live in.

The human heart is the circulator or nexus point on the energetic level as well as the physical. The practice of running energy up through the chakras and spinning it in the heart before we speak is part of the practice of Heart Speak. This is a practice to be less reactive and more grounded but also to begin to learn how to transmit the color green through the heart for healing.


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