Women and Ambition: Part Three – Our ongoing work


May 12, 2018


Location: Brigid’s Well Center

1604 Gravenstein Highway South

Sebastopol, CA 95472

pre-registration and prepayment required.

This is a continuing class. If you would like to join this class you must contact Theresa at stregatree.com to set up a 2 hour catch up session at $80.00 before May 12

We continue our work, delving even more deeply into the subject of our ambitions, a female model of ambition, what is true ambition and from where does it arise. We will explore the pertinent issue of women sharing power and move into a discussion and understanding of “edge moments” and how important it is to continually meet our edge and that there, at that threshold, is where we meet challenge that leads to true growth.


Bring lunch, altar items, journal and a refined and even more in depth knowing about long and short terms goals, especially those you wish to be held accountable for and supported in reaching. Completed goals are also welcome as well as any in process projects that are wanting to be shared with the group. Please let Theresa know what you are bringing to share.

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