Coming Soon! Working with Lilith – Goddess of Transformation


Working with Lilith – Goddess of Transformation

A three-class series available online with Vivien Monroe

Access the class anytime from anywhere via your computer. Once you’ve purchased it, it’s yours to enjoy as often as you would like. Re-experience any class and take your time absorbing the material or binge-watch and do all three back-to-back…it’s your choice!

Payment due in full in order to access the class.

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Working with Lilith – Goddess of Transformation

Lilith has long been maligned as a dangerous demon or dark goddess who should not be approached, but who we need protection from. Most of the warnings and scary stories about her have their origin in patriarchal religious texts, which is important to note. The reason this is important is because it alerts us that there is an agenda behind the warning around her – she was, and still is, a source of great personal power – especially regarding female sexuality. Personal power and female sexuality have traditionally been very threatening to organized patriarchal religions and thus they have sought to squash this power and keep people away from it. Not because it is dangerous for individuals, but because it is dangerous to the institution maintaining control over the masses. Over the course of these three classes I will review these negative associations and explain why they exist and how to safely encounter her. Following is an outline of what will be covered in this series

Class 1: Lilith’s textual and mythological history.

Class 2: We will explore what it means to work with Lilith as an archetypal figure in our consciousness. We will learn how she can be a guide to help us navigate our own shadows and become comfortable owning our power and setting fierce boundaries.

Class 3: We will delve into the magical realm and learn how to work with Lilith in ritual and tap into the powerful current of sexual energy within us to co-create our life, while at all times, affirming the highest good for all beings.

This class is open to all!! If she has crossed your path or piqued your interest, then this is the class for you.

Vivien has been initiated as both a stick and voice diviner in the Dagara tradition. She is also working on restoring her personal spiritual lineage, which traces back to the Delphic Oracle in Greece, as well as understanding her ancestral connection with the Fae of the British Isles. In addition to her medicine work, Vivien is also an experienced teacher who has worked in public school, designed and taught a women’s mythology course, given lectures at various religious studies conferences, and is a published writer. She holds a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality and is currently working on completing her Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion.



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