For the Mothers protective balm

Pregnant women, Mothers of any age, and young children need the utmost care and protection.

This protective balm infuses the Mothers with the love and attention of the Goddess, offering them support, care and nurturing in their support, care and nurturing of others.

There are so many ways to Mother and be a Mother: to care for and tend to. This balm supports the Mothers, all those who care for others, in their own self-care.

This balm also has a protective function. It has been blessed by the Grandmothers.


Apply to the tender back of the neck on babies and youth. Pregnant women: apply over womb area regularly.

Mothers and Caregivers: apply to the soles of feet, offering yourself appreciation, over your womb space, the back of your own neck, and, if feeling very stressed, on the forehead and top of the head.

And, of course, anywhere else it feels needed.

The trees will also be happy to receive this blessing onto their outer bark in return for the care, nurturing and support they offer humans and other life forms.


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