Vivien’s spiritual path began in childhood when she would have conversations with the trees and play with the wind. Her interests led her to pursue a Master’s in Women’s Spirituality and a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion.

Vivien has been initiated as both a stick and voice diviner. She is also working on restoring her personal spiritual lineage, which traces back to the Delphic Oracle in Greece, as well as understanding her ancestral connection with the Fae of the British Isles.

In addition to her medicine work, Vivien is also an experienced teacher who has worked in public school, designed and taught a women’s mythology course, given lectures at various religious studies conferences, and is a published writer.

Strega Tree sat down with Vivien and asked her a few questions.

ST: You have been a diviner with the Strega Tree Collective for some time now. What would you say has been revealed to you over time as a diviner that has surprised or been meaningful to you?

VM: Every divination surprises me!! Hearing and seeing people’s responses is precious and I love discovering how what the Wedeme and Kontomble had to say addressed something the client was holding within themselves that they hadn’t even expressed to me. It amazes me how the Wedeme and Kontomble can see into someone and the images that might not make any sense to me, are actually quite meaningful for the client. I treasure the synchronicities that flow around divination.

ST: You are a stick diviner as well as a voice diviner. Could you explain what you see as the main difference between these two modalities, from your point of view?

VM: The advice that comes through stick divination tends to be more grounded and step-by-step directions of what rituals to do and how. Whereas, with voice divination, the Kontomble play with the client more and come fast and furious pointing out things the client might not have realized. They don’t tend to assign work, unless the client asks for it. It’s the felt difference between stable, nourishing earth and playful, gushing water.

ST:  What would be your own definition or description of divination?

VM: The short answer is: Seeking answers and guidance from elemental beings, spirit guides, ancestors, or the divine.

To elaborate a little more; Divination is not about prediction, but instead diagnosis. 

 Divination does not proclaim an unchangeable destiny that lies ahead of you, but reminds you of the agency you have in your life and provides actions that you can take to change your circumstances, if you so wish. Divination will attempt to tell you why something is happening and then what you can do about it.  Sometimes you are offered the opportunity to do rituals in order to initiate change in your life, however you always have the choice of whether or not you want to do them. Divination is an active process, not a passive one. You are a co-creator of your life and can actively participate in the healing of your life, your ancestors, and the planet, if you so choose.

 The elemental beings, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and divinities that show up in divination are there to help you. They love you and want to assist you. However, it is always your choice how much you do or do not want to do.  There is no compulsion; you always maintain free will.

ST: What is the benefit of receiving a divination?

VM: From what I have witnessed, and experienced when receiving divinations myself, the alleviation of suffering. There is something so precious about being seen on a deep level, receiving compassion and love, and knowing that you are not alone and there are beings who are committed to your highest good and well-being. People tend to walk away feeling a little bit lighter.  

ST:  Can you tell us more about the Kontomble?

VM: I can’t speak for all Kontomble everywhere, but I can definitely share my experience with the Kontomble that work with me. They are very bubbly and full of love and also fast. They think fast, talk fast, and are quick to call out what’s really going on with a person. They are very direct but are so full of love no one ever feels put off by them, but instead start laughing along with them in recognition of – “Yup…you caught me! You’re right!” They are all about celebrating existence and exercising your choice and will. They are buoyant beings who want to lift your heart and spirit and remind you that life can be a lot of fun!!

A Note from Strega Tree and Vivien. The Kontomble who work with Vivien are offering a series of divinations to answer questions here on this blog space. If you have a question, you may send it in through: info at and we will take it to Kontomble and post the response. Please keep your focus to divination and general medicine work. We won’t be able to answer personal questions in this space. For that you will need a private divination. Stay tuned for future blog posts directly from Kontomble.

ST:  Do you have a special way of honoring Kontomble?

VM: I feel like every time I I do a divination it is a way of honoring them – I’m stepping aside and letting them speak whatever they want. I am pleased to literally give them a voice and that is my way of honoring them.  

ST:  How does a client prepare for a divination? Stick and Voice?

VM: I recommend spending time contemplating what questions are weighing on your heart. Recognize that this is a beautiful opportunity to speak with elemental beings who have a different perspective of reality – what do you really want to know? What help do you want to ask for? What work are you willing to do to experience the healing you want?

ST: What is your connection to Delphi and the oracle and priestesses there?

VM: The Delphic Oracle is my spiritual heritage. I have a deep love for the oracle and the priestesses who served it and it was my home in more than one lifetime. I am currently learning how to honor the Delphic Oracle in this lifetime and continue my service as one of its priestesses in this time and place. We hold each other’s mysteries and have a lot of healing to bring to one another, the world, and all beings.

What is the Delphic Oracle?

The Delphic Oracle was a temple in Ancient Greece dedicated to the God Apollo and operated from approximately 1400 BCE until the emperor Theodosius I closed it circa 390 CE. A priestess, known as the Pythia, would mount a tripod in the innermost part of the temple and enter an altered state of conscious where the god Apollo would take over her body and speak through her to all inquirers, answering their questions and pronouncing prophecies. The Delphic Oracle was one of the most famous oracles of the ancient world in large part due to its accuracy. Many emperors, rulers, and governments would consult the oracle regarding matters of state, law, war, and colonization in addition to laypeople from across the ancient world who would ask about their health, work, family, and love life among other things. Plato, Pythagorus  and Alexander the Great all sought the Pythia’s counsel and the oracle was respected far and wide.   ~Vivien Monroe

ST:  How do you see this being carried forward by your current divination work?

VM: I am discovering that the form of voice divination that I was initiated into shares spiritual technology with how the Delphic Oracle worked. My training as a voice diviner has reconnected me with my former role as one of the Pythias at the Delphic Oracle and I am re-establishing relationships with the spiritual beings at Delphi and doing a lot of work to heal the land and the oracle and bring it back online – in a new way – from this time and place. 

ST:  Do you see divination as a healing modality? In what way is it healing?

VM: If you define healing as coming into wholeness, then yes, divination is a healing modality. In my experience, divination reminds you of your wholeness and helps you to integrate aspects of yourself and repair internal fractures. It’s a homecoming and reminder of your true nature.

ST: We see that you are preparing course on Lilith. Could you tell us a bit about that and why She is important to you and your work?

Who is Lilith?

Lilith is ancient being whose origins are shrouded in the Fertile Crescent. Throughout various mythologies She has been portrayed as a spirit, handmaiden to the goddess, demon, succubus, first wife of Adam (before Eve), and Goddess. She is a fierce and independent spirit who appears in female form and is always a force to be reckoned with. ~Vivien Monroe  You may be interested in Theresa C. Dintino’s book, Welcoming Lilith, available in our apothecary.

VM: I discovered Lilith in 2009, when I was earning my Masters in Women’s Spirituality. From the moment I read Her story I fell hopelessly in love with Her and wrote my thesis about Her. She has approached many people, but unfortunately, She’s been given a bad reputation and so people are afraid to learn more or work with Her. I’m teaching a class on Lilith to debunk how She has been slandered and explain how She can be a powerful ally. Personally, She has taught me a lot about sacred sexuality, embodiment, setting healthy boundaries, using my voice, and how to unleash my fierceness in appropriate ways. The ways that She is helping me on my journey and with my healing will make their way into my ‘medicine bag’ so to speak, and allow me to guide others in their own healing of similar wounds.

(If you would like to be notified when Vivien’s  course on Lilith is available, email: Vivien at

ST:  What do you bring to your work as a diviner that is unique to you?

VM: Myself! Each diviner brings their own personality, way of understanding the world, strengths, and life journey into their divination. For me, it includes a non-judgmental open-heartedness, playfulness, and mixture of the intellectual, spiritual, and sexual. 

ST: Why should someone sign up for a divination with you?

Because they feel interested and curious about having a divination with me. There’s no “should” beyond their own desire. If they are drawn to having a divination with me, then I trust there’s a reason for that and look forward to the experience!  

To sign up for a divination with Vivien go here.

~Strega Tree Collective 2018

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