remedy to heal violation instructions

The places where we were violated that go unhealed hold the memory of that violation.

Strega Tree Apothecary’s remedy to heal violation is a balm with medicines to heal the memory of violation within ourselves. We must heal where we have been violated to be able to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Healing the memory of violation within ourselves also guards us from violating others.

We can use this remedy to heal past violations in our ancestral lineages as well, offering our own physicality as the healing portal for their healing. This means we can apply the balm to ourselves on their behalf, asking for their healing and a prayer for the elimination of this pattern in our lineages.

This healing can be extended out as far and wide as we wish. We can offer it to all women, to all children, wherever our prayers lead us. Even the Earth herself can be offered this healing through our bodies.

Directions for use and application:

There are many ways in which we can be violated. Other words for violation are: trespassed against, assaulted, invaded, overrun, disrespected or defiled. These violations can be emotional, verbal, energetic, physical, sexual or intellectual.

None of these are appropriate or acceptable.

No one is ever allowed to violate your sovereignty as a human being no matter who they are and what role they hold in your life. We wish to emphasize how sorry we are that you have been made to suffer any form of violation.

Begin to slowly tap into the ways in which the memories of violation may be held in your body, perhaps moving your awareness over your body and seeing what is revealed.

Be aware of the more subtle memories. For example, if someone has squashed your voice, your throat area may be violated. If someone has been envious and betrayed you, your heart may need this healing as well.

Go only as far into the memory as you feel comfortable. Palpating around the emotional body to find old, painful
experiences may be retraumatizing.

If you find that a memory is coming strongly back into your physical body and frightening you, please immediately ground yourself by sending roots into the Earth. Apply some of the balm to your heart.

If this is true for you, you will want to take some time for this initial heart treatment to soothe this tender memory.

We advise waiting at least a day before continuing with this healing. You will start again by reading through the directions and feel if your body is ready to proceed.

Do the following ritual separately for each place that you locate.


Making yourself comfortable, either sitting or reclining, call up a violation whose memory still lives in your body. Project the picture of this violation into the third eye (the space on the inside of the forehead) so that you can watch it without retraumatizing yourself. Within your own comfort level, allow yourself to remember this violation. Allow your body to tell you what it is holding in that memory. Be careful not to push yourself further than feels safe for you. Any level of
remembering is good enough. When you are ready, speak this statement to yourself:

“This was wrong and should not have happened. I deserve to always be treated with tenderness and care.” Repeat three times.

Call in the Amazon Tree (The Amazon Tree is a primary medicine tree that the Strega Tree collective works with.

It is an old growth redwood that holds the energy of Justice and works to restore balance), and any other guides, angels, ancestors or allies you work with to come and carry out this healing.

Apply the balm to the affected area tenderly and
thoroughly, letting it sink into the deep layers of your skin. If it feels right, you can use a counterclockwise circular motion to apply the balm to the area.

For those that feel they have an internal wound, apply to the skin above that area asking that it be carried to the internal wound.

“In healing myself, I extend the healing to others.” (You can name those you wish to extend this healing to: ancestors, other humans in your life, the Earth and even other non-human lifeforms.)

In closing: “I treasure myself and others. By treasuring myself and treating myself with tenderness and care, I, in turn am able to offer this to others.”

Carry out this ritual as many times as you need. Please recycle the plastic container when it is empty.

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