In a dream circle a few weeks back we began to sense a pattern emerging. People had dreamt of people from their childhood who had hurt them, they had dreamt of small children who were in essence on their own in the world through no fault of their own. One woman had had a powerful dream of stumbling stones in a dark forest*. This pattern felt so strong to all of us we decided we would need to divine into the dreams to gain more information.

The divination revealed a need for our attention to be drawn to the unseen; the unseen beings from our past who vie at our essence desperately, the unseen children of this world who are struggling, the unseen ones whose lives were lost in mass tragedy and many more.

Through divination we were told of countless unseen places, unseen beings, we were even told of the unseen parts of ourselves. The parts of ourselves that seem so dark, so odd that we hide them, bury them deep inside. We walk this world in an armor designed to keep us safe, keep things out. The example that was gifted to us was, “You want to walk out into the sunlight naked, but the harshness of the world scares you. So you put on a coat, then another, then another, until your load is so heavy. You walk around so coated that you can barely move, barely see.” We are so afraid to see and be seen.

What do you see when you look into the mirror, “Mirrors don’t lie,” we were told in divination. Can you see all of the things you do to shield yourself? Can you see all that you look through, what you never notice is there? Can you see where you’ve over looked suffering in this world or worse inflicted it?

It is time to see and be seen. We do this with compassion for ourselves and for others. We allow ourselves to be seen without ridicule as well as allow others to be seen without placing ridicule upon them. We acknowledge the suffering that exists and give our compassion out to the universe.

There was a question in the group of a call to action, “How can we take action and help those who have gone unseen?” We cannot take on all the burdens of this world. We cannot heal all of the places and people who have been so deeply damaged. We cannot go back in time and right the wrongs of the past. What we can do is go forth with our eyes open. Noticing new things, seeing what we could not see before.

We let ourselves be open, really open, terrifyingly open. We stand in our power without shame because we CAN make a change. We can acknowledge what is. With our eyes open, we CAN make more humane decisions for ourselves and for others.

So get out those mirrors, take a long, hard, true look at yourselves. Make a vow to see and let others see you.

In beauty and grace,


©Annie Dintino 2019

*Stumbling stones are concrete cubes that bear a brass plate. Each brass plate denotes a name the life dates of Nazi victims. These cubes are placed outside of the homes of the beings who perished. They serve as a reminder of those beings who had their lives, livelihoods and families stripped from them. Those beings who were denied a beautiful and whole life. The beings that we often group into a category of victims but that are each unique and precious individuals. These stones serve as reminders but do not allow us to see each being.

Diviner Annie Dintino


Annie is an initiated stick diviner, Celtic seer and Janarra descendent. She works closely with the earth to deliver deep healing to those in need as well as to her community. Annie’s passion is helping people to connect more deeply with the earth and with earth-based spirituality. She does this through divination, mini-divinations, shell work and sacred knot work. 

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