We are very pleased to introduce you to our newest line of products, Star Woman Elixirs, made by one of our own Strega Tree diviners, Roya Farhadi Koczak. Simply reading the descriptions of these magical potions offers healing. The wisdom and delightfulness of the elemental beings shines through them and infuses the actual products as well. If you need a dose of magic and joy, order one of these.

There are four varieties to choose from. Instructions and rituals for use are included when you receive the product. Here are some highlights of each product. Click on the title to visit the product page for more details. They retail at $18.00 each.

CALL OF THE OWLBlackberry liqueur, spring water, and energy of Owl, This elixir heals the stress of being a human on the earth participating in hurting the planet. It is a remedy that makes us less harmful by lessening our impact, both psychic and physical, on our relationship with the natural world.

HUMMINGBIRD STAR SALVECocoa tequila, Vanilla vodka, Organic Ohi’a Lehua Blossom honey, and the energy of the Hummingbird.This is an elixir for bringing sweetness into your heart to release generational trauma, strain, war, and loss.

MAGIC OF THE STAR LAKE: Coconut Rum, energy of the North Star and the Lake Balaton. This elixir is a gathering of Stars in a bottle. The Wedeme called it “Star cream”, and said using it is “bathing in stars all through your body.”

RASPBERRY GOLD SIZZLE SYRUP: Raspberry liqueur, Raspberry vodka, Colloidal gold, and the energy of the Moon and Stars.This is a Moon remedy and “Sizzle syrup” for embodying the Stars. It is for when you need a burst of stars and of fire, when you need to be sexy and wild and open.The Wedeme say to “Sizzle like the stars.”



Farhadi Koczak describes how they came to be made:
These Elixirs were born out of Stick Divination, where I was asked by Star beings to create blends to help humans reconnect to the wisdom of the Stars. The Stars wanted to offer us some grounded, tangible magic to help us heal and thrive. The Stars speak the language of the Old Ones, and are the elements that formed our life here on Earth. They know what is needed to keep magic alive in this complex modern world. The resulting blends, Star Woman Elixirs, are a gift to us from the Stars, the Wedeme, my Moon medicine lineage, and the Ancestors. They offer a way to bring nourishment and energy shifts from the Earth and the Cosmos into our embodied selves. I hope that you enjoy the spark of beauty that comes in each drop!

Diviner Roya Farhadi KoczakAbout Star Woman Healing Arts and Roya Farhadi Koczak

I am a stick diviner in the Dagara tradition, and a medicine woman in the tradition of my Hungarian ancestresses. I feel like my moon medicine found me at a very young age, and I’ve been blessed that my connection to the natural world has been lifelong. It is my relationship with nature that saved me from the insanity of the world’s ups and downs.

Learn More about Roya here.