Though we are an online store, we also want to support local stores and want to ask you to support them as well. With this in mind Strega Tree Apothecary has begun to position itself in some fabulous local stores. Currently you can find our products carried in Stones Throw Gift Store in Cotati, CA and the Center for Sacred Studies in Guerneville, CA. Both shops have traditional healing tools such as crystals, tarot decks, drums and singing bowls and amazing artisan pieces that will bring the fey and faery folk right into your home or garden space.

Pop into these stores for all your metaphysical gift needs and holiday shopping. If you own a store or know of a store that might be interested in carrying our products whether you live in the Bay Area or far away, drop us a line. We offer this handsome display shelf and a product description book that sits underneath it with it to help your customers better understand our products and philosophy.

This week’s mini ritual:
Tea and cookies (or crackers) with the elemental beings and fey folk.

The elemental beings love a tea party. How about setting a sweet place setting or two for them in a place where you know they hang out. Warm tea with honey and a saucer with cookies or crackers. As you offer it to them, tell them how much you appreciate everything they do for the earth and how they enhance you life. Tell them to invite their family and friends!! Sit and drink with them if it feels right. Prepare to hear giggling and feel delighted as you do this. Have fun!



~ Strega Tree Apothecary

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