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In stick divination the diviner works with the elemental beings who are known in the Dagara tradition as Wedeme. In other traditions they are known as the fey, the sidhe, the fairies, the gnomes or elves. When one is initiated as a stick diviner in the Dagara tradition, they are given a stick or “magic wand” and kit with “pieces” (objects such as stones, small branches and shells) in it to use when they divine.

These pieces not only represent but are in fact living entities and energies. A particular stone is Earth, another Mountain, an abalone shell is Water, others are angels and archangels. Certain pieces are selected by the diviner’s stick or “magic wand” for the divination at hand. These are the beings that are speaking to the person who is receiving the divination.

With the help of the stick, the pieces, and the Wedeme, they work together to answer your questions and provide solutions.  This process can take an hour or more. This divination can be done in person or remotely.

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During voice divination the diviner works with the elemental beings of the water who are known in the Dagara tradition as Kontomble. They may appear in other cultures as water nymphs, water fairies, or merpeople, to name a few. The Kontomble are eager to help people and they have a festive spirit and love to celebrate.  The Kontomble are very direct and always emphasize the choice and agency we have as humans.

In voice divination, Kontomble uses the diviner’s voice to speak directly to the client. It is a conversation between the client and Kontomble. Traditionally, this style of divination lasts 50 minutes.

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Strega Tree diviners work with cowry shells to receive information from the other realms. A pair of cut cowries is used to confirm information that is coming through. An expansion of the two-shell roll is a six or nine-shell roll. This is an ideal form of divination when a client has one specific question or inquiry. Six or nine cowry shells are thrown and then read by a trained diviner.

The diviner will read the layout of the shells to discover rituals that might be needed and the larger picture that influences the issue. This can be done in person or as a remote divination.

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Great for communities who are holding questions and need guidance from the otherworld. Group theme divinations are for a group of people—family, couple, community, school groups, class parents—who want to hear what the ancestors, elemental beings and other entities have to say about a certain issue.

Everyone in the group meets with the diviner together for these inquiries.

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The Inner Journey Board is a new divination system that the Wedeme taught us. The Inner Journey Board is not stick divination, which is the standard Wedeme tradition. It is a board used with special healing waters and shell divination that focuses on the nine dimensions/seven chakras.

To learn more about the nine dimensions and seven chakras, click here.

The Inner Journey Board can be used to heal either humans or environments. Many of the problems in humans actually arise from the memory of unresolved trauma in the land that has attached itself to the human. This can apply to land you live on, land you own, or wild land that you care about. The Inner Journey Board can be used remotely as well to heal land in a far away location.

When you order this divination, please indicate if this is for a person or a place.

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Finding Divinations are carried out as inquiry for an anticipated birth to determine soul purpose or upon death to help a loved one cross with more ease. These are stick divinations carried out at these two important transitional phases of life’s beginning and life’s end.

For a Birth Divination, a pregnant woman, together with her family and/or community, sits with a diviner for the naming ritual of her unborn child. The given name reflects what comes through as their life intent and purpose in the finding divination.

The Death Divination is for when a loved one passes. There may be unfinished business that needs cleaning up to help them with their transition into the afterlife. A stick divination is carried out to address these issues for them. A family member or members offer to come and hold the stick in proxy for the deceased person. They agree to do any outstanding work on behalf of their loved one who has passed.

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Prices vary according to style, ranging from $80 to $200.

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