All this talk about holiday shortages and supply chain blues. There are plenty of small businesses who have plenty of stock: including us. Why not think about gifting someone a metaphysical healing this holiday season? Strega Tree Apothecary has ritual based remedies for reconnection to yourself, ancestors and the natural world. Offer your loved ones the gift of spiritual nourishment.

Our metaphysical products are experiential and lead users on a journey toward reconnection and wholeness. They include personal ceremonies to be carried out individually. Strega Tree Apothecary has heart healings and heart openings, auric shield sprays, protective balms and medicine jewelry.

Buy now to avoid last minute supply chain and shipping nightmares and feel good about your gifts. Hit the shop tab above to explore the options. If we are sending a gift directly to one of your loved ones let us know and we will include your short message to them, handwritten on a card. (sorry, gift wrapping currently unavailable but all jewelry and Wedeme Heart Blends come in a nice box or silk bag.)

Use code supplychainblues at checkout for 20% off all products excluding divinations.

We will feature a product a week to inspire your holiday shopping. And we will include a mini ritual to help keep you grounded. Let’s face it: this is a stressful time. Ritual is a great way to ground and center and it can be so simple and easy and dare we say: fun? This week’s mini ritual:

Offering Gratitude:

  • When you are feeling overwhelmed, upset or stressed out, take a minute to collect yourself and offer gratitude.
  • It can be as simple as looking around and seeing a tree and saying “I am grateful for the trees.” Breathe. Think of something else.
  • Take it a step further: close you eyes and think of all the people in your life you are grateful for.
  • Take it even further: cut out a circle of paper and write, draw or color what you are grateful for onto the paper circle. Punch a little hole in the circle, loop a string through it. Hang it as an offering on one of your favorite trees.
ApothecaryDid you know? If you live local (near Sebastopol CA) you can avoid shipping costs by hitting Local pickup at check out. Once we receive your order we will contact you with a location in Sebastopol or Occidental for pickup. Always make sure to check your spam folders for response emails.



Each Strega Tree Apothecary product comes with instructions for a ritual–a personal ceremony–which is a process clients are led through to connect with some deeper knowing within them. These ritual based products serve a variety of functions such as creating time and space for self reflection around a blockage they may be having, illuminating a core issue or limitation they wish to resolve, enabling them to perceive energy they may be running unconsciously which is contributing to dissatisfaction, revisiting old woulds or violation with compassion and self-care.

Sending love and peace to all,

StregaTree Apothecary

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