My teacher Malidoma Somé brought the ancient medicine of his Dagara people to the United States, it has since birthed several offshoots. They may begin to flow in a direction that must be theirs alone, or mingle with other waters, and the medicine will remain sweet and healing as long as it is true to the spirits of the ancient ones.

The Strega Tree Collective brings among us the gifts of stregas, diviners, and herbalists in fierce relationship with the realm of the elementals. Such a community of women is as old as the human race, and as new as our own story, becoming a part of the story of Turtle Island. Ashe to the medicine and to the women warriors who have agreed to safeguard and to further it.

Monica Mody

Diviner & Poet

I feel massively blessed to have had access to the diviners of Strega Tree. I have often struggled with the concept of ‘wise council’, wondering where & how to have access to these entities. Divining sessions give voice to those we cannot hear. I have left sessions with these ladies with a sense of clarity & connection that I’ve found absolutely invaluable. The prescribed rituals or offerings I have received during divination have given me a way to connect to my ancestors and to give back to the Earth and to Spirit in a way that has deeply woven my daily life with the Divine. I can’t speak enough to how these confirmations have changed my life, inspired me to action, and deeply influenced the way I raise my child. Thank you ladies for doing what you do, for devoting yourself to serving Spirit and community!

Lacye Winkelpleck

The stick divination bridged the gap between worlds, connecting me with entities who were more than happy to provide clarity and guidance. An amazing, otherworldly experience.


This diviner is an absolute delight to work with. For the past several years, the divinations and guidance I have received from her have given me chills with regard to their accuracy and synchronous connections to issues and concerns I have faced. Through this process and with her gentle, wise, generous, and compassionate mentorship, I have gained a deeper knowing about myself and my writing as well as a precious, reciprocal, and generative connection with the natural world.

I have also learned practical ways to bridge these aspects into my daily life. During some of the most challenging times in my life, the diviner comforted and counseled me. I am blessed to have her as a dear, treasured mentor and kindred friend and highly recommend her services. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Monique DeJong

Book Editor & Writer

I received a divination a few years ago, as I was navigating a difficult transition with family. This was affecting my physical health. I found it incredibly grounding and ultimately, healing, to carry out the specifics of the rituals that were recommended. Although the experience of both the divination and the rituals were somewhat outside my “norm” I found myself trusting the whole process. The diviner was delightful and put me at ease immediately.

Fran Carbonaro

What a fascinating experience. The Spirits seem really kind and genuinely compassionate. Thank you, thank you.


Wow, this was really meaningful to me! Getting another lens on the issues I’m struggling with was really helpful. Thank you so much!


I got a lot out of this. It really gave me some things to think about and it affirmed the need to take really good care of myself. Thank you!


The brilliant accuracy of the divination was matched by the diviner’s incredible warmth and insight. This diviner is a gem.


The voice divination experience was entertaining, motivational, and safe. The diviner was very supportive and professional.


My voice divination was simply perfect and profoundly healing. I appreciated how the conversation was lead by my questioning and that the answers I received were direct and simple, and that they often made me laugh with tremendous exhalation. I prepared some questions beforehand but I found myself unable to recall my questions once I finished working with the piece I thought would have taken much longer; this felt authentic to me in that I recalled only what I truly needed answered at that time. I have never laughed and blissfully cried so much during a session in all my years of working with healers. The experience has helped me immensely.

Karina Corbett

Student, age 30

I find this diviner to be consistently caring and nurturing, and a portal to rich and diverse levels of wisdom that I have rarely encountered elsewhere.


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