Sometimes we need to ask very big favors of the spirits. That is when we need to make very big offerings.

Sometimes big mistakes were made by our ancestors and we need to make a very big payment for the debt they incurred.
Sometimes huge infractions have been made to the Earth—mining, chemical pollutants, desecration of sacred places, war and violence upon her skin.

These violations do not only affect Gaia, they affect humans who are left living out of balance with our Mother planet as well.

Big offerings are needed to begin the work toward repair.

Strega Tree Apothecary’s the big offering is designed to help with situations like these. The combination offers soothing (oil), sacrifice (hibiscus), alignment and balance (tree medicines), clearing of karmic smut (healing charcoal) as well as nurturing care and protection (shea butter).

Offer this to the Earth for reparation of what went wrong and a promise to listen for how to be in right alignment once again with source or as exchange for a very large request for healing, making your request always for the greatest good of all.

It is best when making a big offering such as this one to make a circle out of wood ash or sea salt first and pour the offering into the middle of the circle you have created. This assures that the offering goes to whom you intend it.

You may be offering this to the Earth, to the ancestors, in exchange for something you have done or someone else has done or while making a big request for yourself or another.

State your purpose and intention clearly when making this offering, aloud if you can.  Then pour directly onto your chosen place of Earth.


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