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The Cimaruta is an ancient symbol and charm that represents the Streghe/Janarre (Italian medicine) lineage and is also a trusted and potent tool against the evil eye.

The symbol is a stylized sprig of the rue (ruta) plant with various charms hanging off of it, all representative of the craft in unique ways. On the Strega Tree Apothecary’s cimaruta logo hangs the moon, a key, the snake and a flower. We chose these for our logo as they represent the powers that we work with.

Theresa and Annie Dintino are a direct descendants of a Strega lineage through their great and great-great-grandmother on their father/grandfather’s Italian side. This ancestress is a powerful ally in our work. All Strega Tree diviners are initiated into this lineage since they are initiated through Theresa or one of her mentees. Janarra is the deeper layer of this lineage.

Even if you are not of the Italian lineage, wearing this symbol will empower you and offer you wellness.

The snake is the life force which sits at the root of most medicine traditions and is absolutely crucial to the Strega/Janarra lineage. It is this force that we call upon to carry out our work. It is to engage with and promote this force, the life force, that we engage in the work. The medicine work is to promote life and all the forces of the universe that conspire to create and recreate it, which is often constellated into the image of a cosmic or underground force in the shape of a snake or serpent.

The moon is emblematic of the goddess Diana or Jana who holds the memory, codes and keys to the lineage. The moon also represents the dark and the power of the Streghe/Janarre to see in the dark, and to commune with the forces of the night and darkness.

The key is the key to the lineage and the medicines and secrets contained therein, most of which only an initiated lineage holder can access.

The flower is representative of the medicines of the earth plants and their relationship to the stars which can be called upon in many ways for healing.

Strega Tree Apothecary’s Cimaruta

Rue or Ruta itself is a powerful plant associated with the moon and has many medicinal properties that the Streghe/Janarre work with. But it has also been said that the cimaruta may have more ancient origins in the cult of the tree which the Streghe/Janarre are very deeply committed to.

The cimaruta is a compound charm with multiple properties both separately and collectively forming a potent form of magic.

There is a lot of focus on evil eye these days and protection from negative energies, entities and curses, but let us not forget that these “charms” are for more than protection. They are ancient seals that display to others who we are and whom we work with, while promoting wellness and all the potency of the lineage from which they come.

We want to remember this truth about the medicine: We are held in wellness by our lineages and all the wisdom they hold. All those who have walked the path before us who are on the side of life are our allies, sponsors and supporters. Wearing the cimaruta aligns us with the wisdom of the witches, the Streghe, the Janarre, and wise people of southern Europe. It holds us in a circle of beneficent care and camaraderie.

All of this is contained within the symbol of the cimaruta which has gained even greater potency over time. Consider it a shield and crest. Wear it with pride and confidence.

©Theresa C. Dintino 2020

Theresa-dintino-divinerTheresa C. Dintino is an ancestral Strega (Italian wise woman), Earth worker, and initiated diviner in the West African Dagara tradition. For more than 20 years Theresa has studied and practiced an Earth-based spirituality. She currently helps others reclaim their personal lineages through her divination work. Theresa is the author of seven books which include her Tree Medicine Trilogy. Learn more about her books here.

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