According to Italian folk belief, il malocchio, the evil eye, can afflict anyone at any time, in any place. One can never be too careful. Believed to be a common cause of distress—physical, spiritual and emotional—it often needs addressing. It is believed to be caused primarily by jealousy which in the Strega tradition is seen to be the root of all trouble: jealousy and envy.

Likewise, the Dagara people believe we can get “dirt” (negative energy) on us in any number of ways and it must be cleaned off in an equal variety of ways.

Both traditions also believe that, in general, it does not matter who or what has caused the malocc’ or dirt to occur. Because it is so pervasive, and often not even consciously sent, it is important to not waste time on identifying who or what “done it”,  and instead, focus on the clearing, cleansing and restoring equilibrium.

These beliefs permeate most indigenous traditions, so there must be something to them. It is indeed important to keep our energetic fields clear and clean.

In the Italian tradition one would go to the Strega in the village to have her do a ritual to clear themselves of the evil eye. In the Dagara tradition one gets a sweep of some kind from a diviner in the village.

But we in the West no longer live in villages. And mostly there isn’t a Strega or diviner in every neighborhood and, even if there were, she or he would not be in any way as accessible as they were or still are in indigenous villages. It is time to evolve into a new way of dealing with these pervasive negative energies to keep ourselves clean and clear.

Strega Tree Apothecary’s evil eye remedy allows you to clear yourself. Let the Strega come to you!Evil eye

One thing we have learned at the Strega Tree Collective is that negative energies can only affect you and hook into you if you are running a similar vibration.

Strega Tree Apothecary’s evil eye remedy helps you work on your vibrational constitution to clear away not only the evil eye or negative energy coming toward you but also the places where it may resonate within your own bodies (etheric, energetic and physical). It teaches you to pay attention to the vibration you are carrying within that may be vulnerable or sensitive to negative energies.

This does not mean  if you are the recipient of envy and jealousy you will be feeling that same emotion as well, but you may locate fear, worry or upset within you that the negative energies of jealousy and envy can hook into. It is interesting to begin to really suss this out.

By carrying out the carefully designed ritual that you receive with this product, the oil and dragon water work their magic to restore balance, the shea butter offers protection and healing, along with the power of the Streghe who have charged it up on their shrine.

We hope you enjoy and find this product helpful and useful.

~The Strega Tree Collective

©Strega Tree Apothecary, 2018

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