The Inner Journey Board

The Inner Journey Board

The elemental beings are incredibly hopeful that the human realm is ready to participate again in the cooperative task of tending the Earth.

The Strega Tree team has worked through divination with the wedeme and kontomble to reveal multitudes of stories of early collaborations with the elemental realm and has been gifted with a fabulous new technology that is to be called the Inner Journey Board. It took 2 years to listen for all of the components and to travel all over the Bay area, climbing mountains, seeking out waterways and inviting our tree allies to collect the medicines called for to recalibrate our connection to the World Tree.

Strega Tree has discovered that as earthly beings, we can access 9 dimensions through the World Tree. The journey to understanding how to filter the information available to us from the dense inner Earth layers to the subtle realms of higher frequencies brought us to the work of Barbara Hand Clow and the Alchemy of 9 Dimensions. The Wedeme then began to tell us about numerous ways that we have fallen out of alignment with the World Tree, that is our divine birthrite. We were shown countless ways that the human body is in relationship to the Earth and the sky and taught the practices and rituals that can dial us back in to alignment.

Our proper alignment and connection to our Higher self and purpose allows the frequencies of the light realms to penetrate the Earth and bring celestial healing to our planet. The deeper we listened to the Wedeme about how to use this technology, the more hopeful we became that every individual can make an impact on repairing the transgressions on the Earth today.

This is an offshoot of stick divination that works with a board that lays out the 9 dimensions in a configuration that includes the 7 chakras. 3 of the dimensions play through the field of the heart. The heart space is the filter for experience and downloads from the higher realms to percolate into the more physical aspect of our human bodies.

An IJB divination will reveal a dimension that needs healing for an individual; and amazingly even a geographical location. The board becomes a chart to find the blocks in the body so that each individual can become a clear conduit for the light. There are many factors that can create an obstruction within the human energy system such as poor diet, stress, EMF, light contamination, and violation to name a few.

The IJB divination prescribes blends of floral and stone essences and alchemical waters that help to call up the healings from the library of remedies within the Earth. The IJB divination includes a 9 shell roll that reveals deeper stories of the blocks or infractions that have caused the hindrance to the balance and provides rituals for the client to carry out to further unlock the healing. For anyone interested in bringing healing to a physical location, you can enact the rituals for the place instead of your own body.

By choosing to work with the Inner Journey Board, a client is opening up to the repair of the membrane that protects the etheric spirit body, which in turn can greatly influence the health and vibrancy of the physical body. It is a collaboration with the ancestors, the first people, the elements, the trees and the elemental beings. When someone shows up to do this work of repair, a plethora of allies step up to offer support. In this modern era, many of us have become entrapped in fear and programs that no longer serve us and have blocked our understanding of our multi-dimensionality. Facing old wounds and fear is an uncomfortable step in our evolution, but we must remember that we have so much help available to us. It might require stepping a bit out of our comfort zones and calling in the help of our lineages; The ancestors that have gone before us, the trees that remember what it means to stand in alignment between the Earth and the stars, and the elemental beings that live in right relationship to this beautiful planet that we chose to inhabit.

Sometimes, divination can reveal a landscape that appears very similar to the realm of myth and magic. It is up to you to determine if you are willing to believe that you, yes you, can access the power that can bring real change to this world.

If you are interested in an Inner Journey Board divination you may contact Sarah Wieland, Theresa Dintino, or Susan Gray to schedule a session.

© Sarah Wieland 2017

Diviner Sarah Wieland

Sarah Wieland tries to put the tales and messages that come through in divination into words to share with others to help rebuild their relationships with their own guides.  As a new mom, she is particularly interested in ways to keep children connected so that they never have to shut down their own intuition.  She believes that remaining tuned in allows each individual to live a balanced and vibrant life following their own personal path.




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