Recenlty, I, Theresa, was interviewed on The Mystical Positivist radio show/podcast by Dr. Robert Schmidt and Stuart Goodnick. Local folks will be familiar with Rob and Stuart from our wonderful local spiritual bookstore, Many Rivers Books and Tea.


The Mystical Positivist “is a podcast hosted by Stuart Goodnick and Robert Schmidt and dedicated to the application of reason in the pursuit of spiritual practice and development. It consists of commentary, book reviews, interviews, and discussion in and around the local and larger spiritual community. The thesis of the show is that rationality is in no way the antithesis of deep mystical experience, in fact, we assert that it is a necessary ally.”
We had a lively conversation about my newest book, the soul, the power of ritual, and more. Listen to the podcast interview here.

Theresa C. Dintino is the author of eight books and serves as a guide and spiritual mentor to many. While attempting to reclaim and restore her ancestral medicine lineage, the Italian Strega tradition, Dintino was surprised to be “claimed” by the West African Dagara tradition of stick divination. Honored by this invitation, Dintino pursued it, and in 2011 was initiated into this potent form of divination. Besides her family and daughter, this turned out to be the greatest gift of her life.

Theresa C. Dintino sketch by Mia Szarvas

Stick divination helped Dintino find her way back to her own lineage and enables her to help others find and restore theirs. This beautiful practice of Dagara stick divination continues to offer countless gifts. In multiple divination sessions, Dintino was taught about the spiritual membranes that protect, nurture, and inform lifesystems.

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