Announcing the arrival of The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon, a new book and oracle deck written and created by Theresa C. Dintino and her niece Rauri Tor. Through a process of divination, meditation and oracle Theresa and Rauri interfaced with their ancient Italian Janarra ancestors to bring forward their wisdom and practical witchcraft practices. The Janarra preceded the Streghe and lived by the Moon, with the wild and in rhythm with the natural world.

What is an oracle?

Many people know the word oracle from the famous oracular sites of the ancient world at Dodona and Delphi, where a high priestess provided oracle in the form of prophecy or advice in response to questions asked in a formal setting. But oracle is also the term for the person who offers oracle.

Theresa and Rauri’s ancient ancestors of the Italian spiritual lineage were oracles. Though they did not have formal temples and a hierarchical structure, they were skilled at interfacing with the spirit world and delivering that information to their community for its general well- being. Their ancestors spoke to the trees, listened to the wind, and prayed to the Earth.

This book and divination system is also called an oracle because it is a way for you, the reader, to engage with the spirit world, including undiscovered parts of yourself, the cosmos, ancestors, and your spiritual belief system.

The Ancient Oscan Alphabet

Each letter of the Oscan Alphabet in the 21 card deck brings a teaching as well as a ritual for you to do on your own to delve more deeply into the insight and information given. It is Oscan because Theresa and Rauri discovered that their ancestors, the Janarra, were Oscan-speaking peoples.

The Oscan language was actively spoken in regions of what is now Italy, in pre-Roman times, from 600 BCE–1 CE. The Oscan people were not the only people to speak Oscan; it was the language of many ancient peoples. Among them were the Oscan-speaking Samnites—Theresa and Rauri’s ancient ancestors from the pre-Roman era.

You may choose to read through The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon as a book. You may choose to print and cut the cards out and use them as a divination system, asking a question, then choosing a card. Or, you may choose to simply open the book and stop at what appeals to you.

Purchase The Oscan Oracle:from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon or learn more here.

New Moon-Full Moon Spread

On the new moon, draw a letter and carry out the ritual indicated with it for half the lunar cycle. At the full moon. draw another letter and carry out that ritual for the second half of the lunar cycle.

If further information is wanted based on what came through in that lunar cycle, continue that rhythm into the next.

You can ask a question and draw a card or, if you don’t have a particular question,  just draw a card and do the ritual to see what the spirits want to reveal to you.



Rauri Tor is of the ancient medicine lineage of the Italian Janarra as well as a Celtic Seer. She resides deep in the woods of the East Coast with her family, dog, cats, chickens, and a plethora of wild being allies. You can reach Rauri by email at:

Theresa C. Dintino is a diviner and writer living in Sebastopol, CA. She has dedicated the past 12 years to the work of restoring her ancestral Italian spiritual lineage.

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