On Thursday August 24 at 7 pm Many Rivers Books and Tea in Sebastopol, CA  will host Theresa Dintino and Sarah Wieland, the founders of Strega Tree Apothecary, for a live in-person presentation about our product line and the power of ritual that our remedies are based on and created with.

The Strega Tree Apothecary product line manifested through communication with allies in the ancestral, elemental and angelic realms who view the human body as a system and prescribe remedies to address the underlying energetics.

The remedies are imbued with potency from offerings made with intention at specific shrines. They also provide rituals for the client to carry out to transmit optimal potential.

Many Rivers Books and Tea is a jewel in our local community and we are honored that they will be carrying our product line.

Visit the Many Rivers Books and Tea online at manyriversbooks.com or at 130 South Main Street, Sebastopol, CA

“The Many Rivers mission is to provide customers with
tools to support genuine spiritual practice. Owned and
operated by Tayu Order, a nonprofit church corporation,
Many Rivers is an embodiment of the Tayu philosophy
that genuine self-inquiry—however it arises—is the
heart of religious and spiritual endeavor.”

Theresa C. Dintino is an ancestral Strega (Italian wise woman) and a stick diviner in the Dagara tradition from West Africa. She is also the author of eight books and co-author with Rauri Tor, of The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon, a book and 21-card oracle deck. Together with Sarah Wieland, she founded Strega Tree Apothecary as a way of further spreading the powerful remedies that come through spirit allies in divination. 

Sarah Wieland is a co-founder of Strega Tree Apothecary. She has worked with Theresa for the last 11 years, listening for what this local land of the Southern Pomo people needs to be in balance and spends her free time carrying offerings to the different landmarks as requested. She is a diviner in the Dagara tradition of West Africa, a mother, and a florist. Her relationship to the elemental beings and the ancestors has kept her busy crafting beauty and ritual tools from found objects and ancestral trinkets to use in her divinations and Earth work. 

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