The Remedy to Heal Violation

We hate to bring it up and yet, how can we not? We wish no one ever needed it but alas, many, in fact do. Strega Tree Apothecary’s Remedy To Heal Violation came through with compassionate ferocity when the idea of this Apothecary was but a seed. It wanted to bring healing. To right the wrongs that should never have happened. It wanted to offer relief and repair.

It wanted to show care.

We hope you don’t need it but if you do, it’s here for you.


Strega Tree Apothecary’s Remedy To Heal Violation is made of the finest, most precious ingredients: organic refined shea butter, rose oil, tree medicine, healing charcoal, violet essence,VG glycerin, beeswax. After made, it sits on the shrine of the Grandmothers for four days, receiving their power and blessing. It comes with a ritual for you to carry out as you apply it. Approximate ritual duration: 30 minutes. Can be repeated as needed


More and more light is being brought to the issue of violation in our culture. Too many individuals have had to suffer in silence and bear the wounds alone. This remedy addresses some of the trauma that has been held by those who have been violated.


Strega Tree Apothecary’s Remedy To Heal Violation can help with any kind of violation: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychic, boundary. And it can be used more than once.

We can use this remedy to heal past violations in our ancestral lineages as well, offering our own physicality as the healing portal for their healing. This means we can apply the balm to ourselves on their behalf, asking for their healing and a prayer for the elimination of this pattern in our lineages. This healing can be extended out as far and wide as we wish. We can offer it to all women, to all children, wherever our prayers lead us. Even the Earth herself can be offered this healing through our bodies.

Prayers for all who are suffering.

~Strega Tree Apothecary

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