We are offering 20% off on our Heart Healing for When the Heart is Broken Guided Visualization and Heart Healing Blend for all your Valentine’s Day needs this year.

The Heart Healing for a Heart that is Broken is a guided visualization that leads the recipient through a one hour process of journaling, applying the healing blend and then journeying to a special place with unique guides to heal their heart.

There are so many ways our hearts can be broken, daily life and small persistent hurts, big losses, disappointment or trauma.The wedeme constantly remind us that  our hearts need so much care. They are more precious than we realize. This is one way to gift the heart some love, nurture and care.

If you choose to buy this as a gift for someone else, we suggest you let us know in the order notes box on the checkout page and include the address for the recipient there. Let your own name and address be on the shipping an billing and then we will send the roll on blend, instructions and information on how to access the download in a gift box directly to your recipient. You can also give us a small message to write as well.

If you choose to enter your gift recipient as the shipping address and email, they will receive the download immediately and be instructed to wait for the blend and instructions to come in the mail. You may want to let them know that they will be receiving a gift from you and to watch for it. If you choose to do it that way, that is fine too. We will send the blend and the instructions out as soon as we get the order.

To learn more about the Heart Healing for When the Heart is Broken and Healing Blend go here.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Strega Tree Apothecary!


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