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Vivien has been initiated as both a stick and voice diviner in the Dagara tradition.

Dr. Vivien Monroe holds a PhD in Philosophy and Religion, with a concentration in Women’s Spirituality. She is an experienced teacher, oracle and the Founder of Women’s Mystery School.

She offers inspirational guidance coupled with practical action and psychic clarity, effortlessly weaving together a deep academic background with practical experience and a dash of magick.

Vivien enjoys connecting women to Goddess archetypes and energies in order to support women in their growth and healing, reminding them of their sacred sovereignty, power, and divine lineage. As part of her empowering educational work, Vivien has created a home study course on the Goddess Lilith. This course contains 3 modules where students learn the history and mythology of Lilith, how to work with Her as an archetype, and how to engage with Her through magick and ritual. Members of the Strega Tree community will receive a 10% discount on the course – coupon code STREGATREEVIP
To learn more abut Vivien and the Women’s Mystery School, visit
Read a Q & A with Vivien here and purchase a divination as part of a spiritual guidance package with Vivien here.
Explore the Lilith home study course here.


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