Months ago, I began work on a new project, a book project that involves connection and work with my ancestors, of whom I know little. Each morning I stand before my writing altar, check in with myself around the work and the ancestors I long to hear from.

But I was feeling blocked. Occasionally I’d glimpse a fragment of something I suspected the ancestors sent my way, but overall, I was in an inspiration and information desert where this was concerned. While reading a post from Strega Tree, I noticed a new product, Ascension Blend. The description of this blend’s properties resonated with me. I knew it was what I needed.

And Ascension Blend has delivered in delicious ways.

Each morning, I inhale the intoxicating scents deeply and am transported to a distant yet familiar place. From there, following instruction, I roll the blend onto my wrists and above my navel, invoking my guides, my ancestors, and opening myself to listen for whoever wants to present themselves, at that moment and throughout the day. (I been called to roll the blend on my throat as well, which makes complete sense to me.)

The block has lightened and loosened; a path has shown itself. I have stumbled on to descriptions and facts about my ancestors’ lives that I didn’t know. I’ve encountered written passages that connect to my ancestors and provide insight. I have free-fallen into an entire tribe of writers whose works offer relevancy to my own and lay bare what I didn’t know I knew.

I sense the thinning of the veil, and my daily communion with Ascension Blend is clearly a key component in this enlightening process.

I am grateful. So, thank you, Strega Tree!

It lives on my desk next to my screaming goat. I use it every morning immediately after I commune with my writing altar.

Ascension Blend


Maria Dintino has worked in higher education for over 30 years. Her first work of creative nonfiction The Light Above: A Memoir with Margaret Fuller was published in 2022 and she’s at work on her second book. Through the Nasty Women Writers Project, Maria is committed to amplifying the voices of powerful women, from over time and around the globe. Launched in 2016, this project is a labor of love and passion with her sister, Theresa
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