Strega Tree is proud and pleased to highlight a new diviner in our community: Amy Tanzman Palmer.  Amy is a powerful medicine woman, a delightful human and a gift to our circle.

Amy was first introduced to the Dagara through a Kontomble voice divination in 2013. That profound experience changed the trajectory of her life and she eventually found herself walking the path to becoming a diviner herself.

Developing a loving, reciprocal relationship with the Wedeme and Kontomble (elemental beings of the wild and water), as well as her own lineage and ancestry, has given Amy the tools needed to assist others in their path towards healing and wholeness.

As a reiki master, she has 20 years experience in the healing arts, focusing on therapeutic bodywork, energetic rebalancing and Ayurvedic medicine. Her background as a highly skilled healer, allows her to finely tune into her client’s energetic fields during divination. In this space, prescriptive ritual is often given to help heal any imbalances she may find.

Amy has a deep love of children and a passion for leading them in Earth based spirituality, through play, song, story telling and the art of sacred offerings. She is dedicated to serving Gaia and fostering the inherent connection between children and the Earth.

Amy is available to lead groups, families and individuals in rituals for the Earth and land.

Amy is offering stick divination, group theme divinations, shell divination and finding divinations, as well as blessings, clearings and healings for the land.

Visit Amy’s page here to sign up for a divination or to contact Amy.

~Strega Tree Collective


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