Strega Tree Apothecary’s The Big Offering

We haven’t spoken much about this product that is available in our apothecary. Strega Tree Apothecary’s The Big Offering is an important one and also embodies the philosophy behind the development of the Apothecary and its products.

Theresa Dintino and Sarah Wieland created Strega Tree Apothecary in part as a way to reach more people than we can by doing individual divinations. Some people will never come for divination or do not have the means to come to divination so we wanted and were encouraged by the spiritual beings we work with to create products for those who cannot or who need extra help between divinations.

The Big Offering is also the name of a piece in our divination kits. When this piece (which is typically the jawbone of an animal) comes up it indicates that a big offering is needed — meaning bigger than pouring some water or offering some ash or vodka, larger than a splash of honey or some of our meal set aside, bigger than offering a glass of wine or a lighting a candle. Bigger than our usual prayers.

crushed healing charcoal

Big offerings  are big and outside of the ordinary because when making them we are attending to large debts in our lineages like ancestral trauma or infractions to the earth made by our ancestors. Big offerings are needed if we are making a very large request, a dream house or a job or healing, needed when we are undergoing a very big transition or initiation, needed when the Earth has been damaged or injured. Big offerings are needed when there has been or is going to be a large expenditure of energy in any of dimensions as an exchange for that expenditure.

We have made a short video of ourselves in conversation about The Big Offering, when to use it, what is in it, why it is important. If you would like to have more information. Visit our you tube channel or simply click here.

crushed tree medicines


Strega Tree Apothecary’s The Big Offering is designed for times and circumstances that require such big offerings. The combination of ingredients offers soothing, (oil), sacrifice, (hibiscus), alignment and balance (tree medicines), clearing of karmic smut, (healing charcoal), as well as nurturing care and protection (shea butter).

We have included images here (the featured image is cooking the big offering) to show you how we make it. Healing Charcoal and Tree Medicine are made through very long and laborious rituals. They are highly precious and sacred medicines offered to us by the trees. Hibiscus flowers are a stand in for a blood sacrifice. In this small 1 oz jar, are the result of many rituals carried out by us and with our spirit allies, in order to help you make the offering you need. We offer it with the prayer for healing and energy of reparation with the highest vibration and always for the greatest good of all.

crushed hibiscus flower petals

As with all of the Strega Tree Apothecary products you will receive instructions when you purchase the product for how to use it, in this case how to offer it.

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~Strega Tree Apothecary

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