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Choosing to come to Earth to experience a lifetime embodied within Earth’s reality is a deliberate act. We choose to do this in order to experience biological life in 3D through the consciousness of Gaia: the consciousness of the Earth. There are most likely many other opportunities for embodiment in the Universe. However, this post is specifically about choosing to come to Earth.

The Sensuous Experience of Life on Earth

Earth agreed to be a place where energy can coalesce into more solid form. I like to call this  “mattergy”—energy that has become matter and matter that is ultimately energy. Earth agreed to host biological life. There are a multitude of forms of biological life on Earth, all interrelated and in communion. Being a human being is one of these forms. Though Earth is most probably not not the only planet who agreed to host it, biological life is still a rarity in the cosmos.

One of the reasons we choose to come here as humans is to process light through a physical body that is able to feel and sense. The sensuous experience of life on this planet must not be underestimated. It is a great gift.

Sensuous does not mean only sexual, though that is certainly a part of it. The sensuous experience of life on Earth is one that includes all the ways we experience life here: through smell, taste, touch, sound and even sight. The vision we experience through our physical eyes—seeing color—is part of the sensuous experience embodied life on this planet offers.

Human eyes take in light in such a way that enables us to see green grass, blue skies, each other, a rainbow, clouds, a sunset. This kind of vision took billions of years to evolve on Earth. It is a form of creativity that is unique to the experience of life on Earth. If you are ever wondering why you are here or what the point is, ponder for a moment the ability to see. If you, for some reason, cannot see, then ponder the ability to hear.

If you are currently embodied on Earth, it took a lot of planning and effort on your part to get here. What I share in the remaining portion of this post is but a small peek into the vast mystery of how that happens. They are important components that have come through divinations. However, it is acknowledged they are but pieces.

We are All Source

We all come from Source, whatever you perceive Source to be: Goddess, God, The All. Source is Origin and is an ongoing reality. Though we place it at a start time far, far away, that is not the truth of Source. Source is an ongoing, evolving reality that we are all participating in and engaged in always. Even Time is a manifestation of Source, which enables Source to experience itself differently. Origin exists and is accessible always right here and right now.

Before we come to Earth, we are wholly with Source, a non-differentiated aspect of the All. Source is not a person or one being. Source is All. We all comprise Source. When we choose to incarnate, we are choosing the experience of differentiating ourselves into a lens through which Source (we) can experience itself differently.

Source holds many manifestations within itself. These manifestations take different forms but they are never separate from or disconnected from Source. Becoming human is but one manifestation of Source. Source is not above, below or outside of us, rather, we are that.

Feeling separate from Source is another way that Source may be choosing to experience itself. We may have chosen to come and experience that through our human embodiment.

The Stars and Starbeings Help us Plan our Incarnation

The stars are involved in helping to create the intention and plans for our individual journeys here on Earth. We not only come from Source but we are all, in fact, Source brought to Earth from and by the stars.

When we move into the intention of incarnating as a human on Earth, we move into a time of working with the stars, star beings and others to plan our incarnation. This is not a set and rigid “destiny” but rather a framework for us to work within while we are here. This is a framework that can be edited and altered while we are on Earth, according to decisions and choices made, both consciously and unconsciously. We do always have free will.

In this time when we are working with the stars and star beings (and others) to create our journey on Earth, we already have a more solid aspect to our being. Already there is a particular energetic pattern within a circle, or membrane. This is called our “soul origin pattern.”

This soul origin pattern has an interior, which differentiates it from the exterior. This interior is then held in integrity by the etheric membrane surrounding it.

Though we are not separated from Source, we are differentiated by this unique interior pattern for the duration of our embodied lifetime. This soul origin pattern can be thought of as “potentiality.”

Potentialities are not realities until they are consciously or unconsciously activated.

This potentiality already has individual consciousness. It has intent. Once we become embodied, this soul origin pattern is held for us in the 6th dimension and in our star of origin as well. It is a template and resource we can refer back to throughout our lives as a resource. Please see this link for more on understanding the 6th dimension and working with our soul origin pattern.

The “Codes for Ascension”

We each carry, in our unique souls, individual “codes for ascension.” Codes for ascension are pre-programmed opportunities to grow, learn and actualize our soul’s intended trajectory. To ascend is to fly.

The “codes for ascension” are held in this original pattern. They appear as little bubbles of potentiality embedded within it. We have the potential to ascend when we come in. There are many of them, which will present themselves as opportunities. If we miss one, another will come along. It is our choice, through our actions whether or not we activate them. The available “ascensions” are also those we chose as potentialities before we came in. Ascension does not happen TO us. We choose to ascend or not.

Nurturing Our Connection to Source

Though we are never truly separate from Source, nurturing and keeping the connection strong is a good practice. If it becomes frayed, our physical lives can be in danger. In the Dagara tradition this connection entity is called the Siura. (You may read more about the Siura in my book, Notes From a Diviner in the Postmodern World.)The Siura guards and protects the connection to Source throughout our embodied lives. It also connects us to others at a deep soul level.

In other traditions this is often portrayed as a guardian angel or a luminous white cord.

Beginning to understand the importance of nurturing our connection to Source and being in communication with our soul origin pattern are important components for a more healthy life.

~Theresa C. Dintino

©Theresa C. Dintino 2016


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