Original Tree by Mia Szarvas

Original Tree by Mia Szarvas

The Wedeme often speak about “original patterns.” When they refer to original patterns, they mean the pattern something or someone started out with that contains the “original intent” behind its manifestation in 3Dimensional reality.

These etheric intentions move through the outer dimensions, including the dimensions of light and sound, gain form in the 6th dimension, and then come into full physical manifestation in the 3rd dimension.

This is a very complicated concept that I will try to explain in more detail below.

Original Patterns

Original patterns exist for everything: human beings, ideals, collective agreements, values, belief systems as well as for all of biological life. The water has an original pattern as well as the planet as a whole. The grasses, the organs of our bodies, the mountains, and the minerals all have an original pattern which hold their original intention and purpose. It goes on and on. When patterns get muddled, confused or overwritten, it is time to return to original pattern for a reset.

Returning to patterns of origin is an important practice. It is worthwhile examining any artificial imprinting that we may have adopted that is not our true pattern. Cultural conditioning and life experience can interfere with our patterns of origin. Original patterns of water and other elements on Earth can be changed by events that take place here.

However, examining beliefs is not enough. Re-patterning is the work of the 6th dimension.

6th dimension

When I speak of the 6th dimension, I am working within the template of the 9 Dimensions of the World Tree as articulated by Barbara Hand Clow in her book, The Alchemy of the 9 Dimensions. I understand that there are varying understandings of the dimensional realms, many quite different than Hand Clow’s.

I personally find Hand Clow’s template to be very instructive and many correspondences have validated it in my own work. Using this dimensional protocol does not nullify other systems of belief nor do I intend that by adhering to this one here.

About the 9 Dimensions

Through a female being from the Pleiades named Satya, Barbara Hand Clow was taught that the “Earth is a realm that holds 9 dimensions of consciousness that all humans can access.” Now is the time for us to begin to consciously access these dimensions and become 9 dimensional humans once again. This is The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions.

According to Hand Clow, the 9 dimensions exist along the axis of the World Tree, which is grounded in the center of the Earth. The World Tree is the cosmic creative force that creates Time and all the dimensional realms. Belief in the World Tree is a global phenomenon found in differing cultures by different names. In this model, the center of the Earth is the 1st dimension and the center of the galaxy is the 9th. It is crucial for us to return to relationship with the 9 dimensions. This reorients us inside the cosmology of the World Tree. It also familiarizes us with the energies and qualities of the unseen worlds in order to better interact with and listen to them.

Being grounded in our own inner World Tree orients us in our own lives as well as the larger stories we are embedded within. Generating the World Tree in our bodies serves as a grounding energy for everyone around us. One way to begin to ground into our own World Tree is to learn the 9 dimensions that exist along its axis. For more on the 9 dimensions please see our summary as well as Barbara Hand Clow’s book, The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions.

In this system the 6th dimension is the realm of geometric forms and patterns. Patterns and geometric forms allow light and sound from the outer dimensions to manifest into concrete physical matter in the 3rd. The light from the 9th dimension and beyond comes through the 7th dimensional lens of sound, which creates geometric forms in the 6th to birth the material world we live in.

The 6th dimension can hold general patterns: human, dog, etc., but also individual patterns. Indeed, the pattern of our soul is alive in the 6th dimension. By keeping a healthy relationship with the 6th dimension, we can remain united to our source soul and the intentions we came into this physical life with from the outer dimensions.

Conversely, we have created patterns through our collective actions here on Earth that are now held in the 6D. We must address the patterns we wish to change here on Earth in the 3D by working with those we have set in the 6th, either deliberately or unconsciously. A pattern of war is one example. Patterns of abuse and violence are others. How about patterns of extraction and consumerism, patriarchy and slavery? Those are all being held for us in the 6th dimension like a program we saved to our hard drives. We must remove them at that level if we really want change.

imgresIt may be helpful to visualize the dimensions as nested concentric circles with the 9th on the outermost ring and the 1st in the center. Each dimension has a permeable membrane separating it from the next. When we interact with other dimensions we are able to move through these membranes consciously. (I will speak more about this in a future blog post.)

The patterns and forms are held on the skin or membrane of the 6D. The light moves through them like play dough moving through cookie cutter shapes and patterns in the “Magic Dough Machine.” We have the capacity to change these forms, or return others and ourselves to the patterns of origin, by working consciously with the 6D. This can change our experiences here on Earth.

What is important to understand is that we have set the patterns there with our actions and intentions, some collectively, some individually. Some we wish to return to and others we may wish to reset.

Sometimes I see patterns as archetypal figures, other times as forms and geometries held with a circle. It is very complicated and I am simplifying it here to attempt to communicate the concept so you may begin to take in this idea and feel into it for yourself. Wedeme offer many rituals that include this concept that we would like to share with you here.

Working to make change in the 3D through the lens of 6D is a very important concept for us to begin to embrace. We can try all we want to make change in the 3D but if the pattern remains in the 6th, it cannot change. We must work at the level of the 6th dimension to truly change the 3D or/and restore life to its original pattern.

We may wish to address the pattern of punishment that we, as a collective, have agreed to and helped to stamp onto the 6D that many of us feel repressed by. Or we may offer rituals for those who feel disconnected from their own pattern of origin and want to realign with it. These are two very different ways to work with the forms and patterns being held in the 6D that will show up in future posts.

Understanding Original Patterns for the Human Soul

Before you were born, you created a geometric form that holds your “soul origin pattern.” Expressing this soul origin pattern that you created is the purpose of your physical embodiment. This pattern of origin remains in the 6th dimension throughout your lifetime.

We come in with this soul origin pattern. It was created with our star and soul guardians. Many beings helped with this before we were embodied. This travelled through the dimensional layers as an intention. “I am coming here to do something,” to “actualize the factuals” of this intention set as a pattern in the 6D as physical manifestation in the 3D realm.

As you go about your life, your soul pattern is held for you as a library and resource in the 6th. There is a pulsating back and forth. “Here is how I am doing…” The 6th dimensional form is calibrating. There is a constant adjustment because it is not a constant. Every minute, you are met with a choice. You can and do recalibrate. It is not a contract that is rigid and binding. It is a field of potentiality. We need to stay flexible and responsive to the constant potentiality we have access to.

It’s as though this pattern of origin is a roadmap for your soul to follow to fulfill its purpose. Life experiences can conceal, disconnect or overwrite the soul origin pattern to the degree that you can’t remember why you chose to be here.If you are disconnected from this pattern it can be painful and confusing.

Likewise you can consciously communicate with this pattern for any changes or adjustments that are to be made based on life experience and teachings in your journey. It is not an unevolving form. It is a template that can be worked on while you are embodied. There is reciprocity. If we understand this, we can better engage.

The universe is a collaborative template that we may engage with consciously. It is time for us to grasp this and actively collaborate.

When you are in right alignment with your pattern of origin, you can share the pattern you came in with, your original intentions, through the appropriate channels. Wedeme call this “actualizing the factuals” of our pattern.

Original Patterns Exist for Everything

Everything that is here in 3D form has a pattern or form of itself held in the 6th dimension. You can assist all forms of life to return to their original pattern through ritual. This we will be speaking of often in future blog posts.

The World Tree and Original Patterns

Trees can help return us to our source pattern by connecting us to the greater World Tree.

Being aligned and connected to the World Tree keeps us oriented, balanced and grounded to true source rather than the artificial ones—belief systems, habits, and survival responses—we may have been patterned to align with.

My book, The Amazon Pattern: A Message from Ancient Women Diviners of Trees and Time, tells the story of my encounter with a powerful tree that asked me to change my pattern. You may want to read that book to more fully understand this concept and begin to actively work on your own pattern.

~Theresa C. Dintino

©Theresa C. Dintino

Theresa-dintino-divinerTheresa C. Dintino is an ancestral Strega (Italian wise woman), Earth worker, and initiated diviner in the West African Dagara tradition. For more than 20 years Theresa has studied and practiced an Earth-based spirituality. She currently helps others reclaim their personal lineages through her divination work. Theresa is the author of seven books which include her Tree Medicine Trilogy. Learn more about her books here.

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