You are invited to join host Blanca Vergara and a powerful line up of teachers, authors, speakers from around the world, including Theresa C. Dintino, as we unite to awaken the Divine Feminine in each one of us in the Wounds to Wings Summit.

This is a free event.

What an incredible line up Blanca has assembled.  Take a look at the summit website to learn more about each of these women and visit their personal websites. You can access the summit website here.

Wounds to Wings Summit: Activate the Sovereign Woman Within To Live Your Highest Potential, Manifest Your Dreams and Create a Magnificent Legacy

Presenters and Special Appearances

Anne Baring MA PhD:  The Traumatised Soul of Humanity: Its Origin and Its Healing.
Iris WangermannTransform Your Inner heaviness into an easy life-flow
Susanna LillerYour Epic Journey of Transformation 
Theresa DintinoReal Time Work with My Strega Great Grandmother
Anne van der GiessenIt’s Time to stop using the “P” word, instead Focus on Uniting Polariites 
Nadine KuehnThe Womb Throat Connection & How to Voice Our Truth
Faye BlakeWomen Rising, It’s Time
Veronica GoodchildWe Come from the Stars: Reconnecting with our Galactic Heritage
Jane BennettPositive Menstrual Culture and the Divine Feminine

Let’s talk about our ancestresses, let’s talk about our power, let’s talk about our bodies, let’s talk about our relationship to the sacred and our spirituality. Let’s talk about our lineages and bringing them back online, let’s talk about ancestral trauma and creating the world we want to live in. It’s all here. Led by Blanca.

Join us.


About Blanca Vergara
Born in Mexico with a Toltec wisdom lineage, Blanca spent years as a successful, high achieving, business woman in the information systems field. Then she experienced a dark night of the soul, emerging on the other side as a powerful spiritual coach and guide. She is an internationally recognized  author, leader, speaker working on behalf of women to bring their whole selves to their lives and careers, achieving their goals and dreams with confidence and ease.

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