You have an ally.

Muddy woman in the shadow.
She does not hide, rather yet waits…
standing proudly in the darkness, 
for you to find your reflection in her. 

She has no shame.
She wears her blood streaked across her face
in gorgeous proclamation.
An invitation for you
to show the world the treasures that you hide.

She is your ancestor instinct,
original wound,
original gut,
our origin strength,
the voice of truth you stifle,
the raw gems of your being
you fear will have you banished…

so you polish,
and you polish…
until there is no Lilith left.

Yet still, she waits.

©Lacyeloo Winkelpleck 2017



Lacyeloo is a gypsy, witch, storyteller, & mother. Her passion for dispelling shame has led her to a life of empowering & encouraging authenticity and inviting the Light into our shadows by way of unabashed truthtelling and risk taking.
Voices of the Community are guest posts by members of our extended community who have important insights, perceptions and information to share about the multi-dimensional reality of life, the Earth, and the many beings we share it with. If you would like to contribute to Voices of the Community, contact us at info at



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